How to Ensure Porta Potties Are Clean

Portable restrooms are an incredibly useful invention, especially when it comes to construction sites and outdoor events, where traditional restrooms may not be available. However, they can get messy fast. The last thing you want is to discourage your guests or workers from using the restroom—or force them to find somewhere else to do their business. Here’s how to make sure your porta potties stay clean in El Centro, CA:

  • Work with a reputable rental company: The most important factor in keeping porta potties clean is working with a company who cares. Call around before you settle on one company. Be sure to ask how they keep their porta potties clean, how often they’re emptied and their suggestions for what you can do to help.
  • Figure out an ideal maintenance schedule: Next, you’ll need to set up a regular maintenance schedule for multi-day rentals. Depending on what kind of event or jobsite you’re renting for, you may need additional toilets or more frequent emptying.
  • Disinfect regularly: You can help keep the portable restrooms clean by disinfecting the inside of the restrooms every day. Use a spray disinfectant to kill germs and eliminate any additional odors.
  • Air out your porta potties daily: Ventilation also helps eliminate odors. Try to air out the portable restrooms for an hour or two each day, so foul odors don’t get trapped in the plastic surroundings.
  • Use an anti-graffiti cleaner: To maintain clean walls and doors, wipe them with an anti-graffiti cleaner as soon as you notice someone has decided to express themselves with paint or markers. There are professional products available, but you can also ask your rental company what they recommend.
  • Wipe down touch points daily: Each day, use disinfectant to wipe down high-traffic touch points, like the handles, lock, seat and door. Not only will this eliminate germs, but it will help keep the restroom looking cleaner and more presentable on the whole.
  • Use additional deodorizers: Your porta potties will already come with deodorizing and sanitizing chemicals in the toilets—that’s the dark blue liquid you see if you look into the receptacle. The blue color is designed to hide what’s in the tank, and the chemicals kill odor-causing bacteria. However, you can benefit from additional deodorizers outside the tank. Ask your rental company what they recommend.

Porta potties often get a bad rap for being dirty, smelly and uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be. In many cases, they’re the safest and most convenient place to use the restroom. Encourage your guests to use the toilets by working with a great company and ensuring the restrooms are as clean as possible. In the case of events like fairs, festivals and weddings, having clean bathrooms is the key to getting people to stay longer.

If you’re interested in renting porta potties and need help with cleaning tips for portable toilets in El Centro, CA, Sharps Sanitation can help. We have a variety of restrooms available for short- and long-term rentals. Get in touch today to learn more!