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Things To Know About ADA Portable Hand Wash Sinks

May 11, 2022

Portable sinks offer hand washing stations with cold and hot running water that are mostly used in different environments where there is no access to running or plumbing water. You only need to unpack, put it in the right location, fill it with water, and plug it in. What are the items that are included at a hand washing sink? How do portable handwashing stations work? How do you clean a portable sink? How Do Portable Handwashing Stations Work? ADA portable sinks are very simple and easy to set up and operate. You need to first unpack it, put it... View Article

What Are the Different Types of Portable Toilets?

May 4, 2022

If you have an upcoming event or construction project, you may have been shopping for portable washrooms. If so, you must have been trying to find answers to one of the most common questions about portable toilets: What kind of portable toilets are there? There are several types of portable washrooms designed to meet different needs and budgets. They include: Standard Portable Toilets This is the most common option for portable potties. These portable bathrooms only have the basic features to facilitate sanitation. They are also cheaper and are an excellent option for saving costs when you need many of them.... View Article

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Pump Your Septic Tank Regularly

April 5, 2022

Septic tank pumping plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy septic system. Routine pumping prevents major problems that could affect your family’s health. Experts recommend having your septic system inspected every three years and pumped by a septic system professional every five years. However, consider having it inspected every year if your septic system consists of electrical pumps, switches, and other mechanical components. Note that this frequency may vary based on your house size, solids in wastewater, amount of wastewater produced and size of the septic tank. Here are five reasons why you should pump your septic tank regularly.... View Article

As COVID Restrictions Loosen, the Demand for Porta Potties Has Increased

March 22, 2022

COVID-19 restrictions are loosening up with time, and people are seeing how this is playing out in a lot of different ways. As such, Porta Potties are in demand in ways that they were not when the restrictions were fully enforced. This is because people are demanding construction projects again and companies are now more comfortable than before with offering this kind of bathroom solution for their employees. The Sudden Demand Has Created Shortages Believe it or not, the sudden demand for Porta Potties has actually caused a Porta Potty shortage in some areas. These items used to be requested in... View Article

How Portable Toilets Are Good for the Environment

September 1, 2021

If we want to save our planet, it’s important to start taking steps towards a greener future. Not many people realize it, but portable toilets are actually good for the environment in many ways. These toilets can help conserve water, prevent the spread of disease and discourage the presence of harmful pests. If you’re interested in hosting an event and are looking for a way to make it more environmentally friendly, consider opting for portable toilet rental. Read on to learn about the environmental benefits of portable toilets. They protect the landscape When there’s not a toilet nearby, people are... View Article


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