Extended Rental Portable Toilets in El Centro, CA

When you’ve got construction workers and contractors spending 8+ hours on a jobsite each day, the need for long-term porta potties rental contracts in El Centro, CA is crucial. At Sharps Sanitation, we work with construction details and contractors to supply the portable toilets they need while on the job. Whether you’re developing a huge commercial project or spending a couple days at a residential remodel, we’ll supply the portable toilets.

From crews of a dozen to worksite staffing hundreds of different contractors and construction professionals, we’re equipped to make sure your worksite has the amenities required for cleanliness, comfort and sanitation.

Long-Term Rentals

Not every construction project can be completed in a few days or even a few weeks. If you’ve undertaken a development that requires extended rental portable toilets in El Centro, CA, come to us. We’ll get the details of your situation and provide a tailored quote for long-term rentals. We understand the needs and expectations of your construction site, which means putting together a proposal that includes toilets and handwashing station rentals, service schedule and any logistical moves that may be required.

Routine Service

Our company is known for having the freshest-smelling portable toilets in the industry! It’s because we utilize chemical cleaning best practices and always put sanitation first, above all else. Count on us to service your portable toilets for as long as the rental contract last. This includes safely pumping them out, cleaning them and sanitizing everything. After every cleaning, we promise it’ll feel like a brand-new rental!


Rent Portable Toilets Today

Make sure your construction crews have a place to relief themselves while on the job! Just call Sharps Sanitation and we’ll take care of everything—from delivery and placement, to maintenance and relocation. Reach us today at 760-352-3067 for more information about our rental rates and terms, including long-term rental contracts.