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4 Benefits Of Renting Porta Potties For Your Event

March 21, 2023

4 Benefits Of Renting Porta Potties For Your Event Whether you’re planning a family reunion, small wedding or outdoor event, portable restrooms are a must. Read on to find out 4 benefits of renting porta potties for your event! • Cleanliness Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of any event. You want your guests to feel safe and comfortable in your venue, and a dirty or unsanitary porta potty could turn off many of them from coming back. To help avoid this, you can make sure that your portable restrooms are cleaned regularly by professional sanitation crews. This will prevent... View Article

4 Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind When Renting Portable Toilets For An Event

February 20, 2023

When planning an outdoor event, it is crucial to consider all the details. This includes setting up tents and tables, booking caterers and contacting vendors. Among them, it is important to not overlook the portable toilets. Not providing enough porta potties can lead to long lines and disappointed attendees.  • Know Your Needs  When you are renting portable toilets for an event, you need to know your needs. This will help you determine how many stalls you need to rent and how long your rental period will be. The number of stalls you need will depend on the type of... View Article

6 Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips

January 22, 2023

Having a clean, comfortable restroom at any event or location lets your guests or visitors appreciate your service. Your name will forever be connected with their portable toilet experience. So let’s talk about six steps to keep portable toilets clean and your customers safe and happy. Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips Keeping your portable toilets clean and smelling fresh is the best way to keep your customers returning to your service. Here are six portable toilet maintenance tips to help your business thrive: Make sure you have plenty of portable toilets for the demand. When you drop off two bathrooms to... View Article

5 Useful Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilet Rental

January 8, 2023

Handicap portable toilets, also referred to as wheelchair accessible, are designed to ensure sanitation facilities are inclusive of handicapped individuals.  Whether attending an outdoor event or perhaps on a job site, these facilities are manufactured with a flat roof, extended interior size, and increased entry openings.  These features allow wheelchairs of all sizes ready access and the capacity to rotate 360 degrees inside the facility. The user will also find durable stainless steel rails mounted on the interior for safe navigation, along with non-skid flooring. The recommendation is that each outdoor event or construction worksite include ADA handicap portable toilets,... View Article

The History of Portable Toilets

December 8, 2022

People these days often enjoy far more sanitary conditions than in the past. The modern sewer system is a relatively recent invention. The same goes for portable toilets, or porta potties as they are sometimes called. So where did the portable toilet come from? Let’s take a look at the history of the porta potty. Portable toilets were actually invented during World War II as a means to improve efficiency. WWII was an all-hands-on-deck moment, and the United States needed to tap into its full industrial power. With many men drafted and destined to fight in the war, the industrial... View Article

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