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As COVID Restrictions Loosen, the Demand for Porta Potties Has Increased

March 22, 2022

COVID-19 restrictions are loosening up with time, and people are seeing how this is playing out in a lot of different ways. As such, Porta Potties are in demand in ways that they were not when the restrictions were fully enforced. This is because people are demanding construction projects again and companies are now more comfortable than before with offering this kind of bathroom solution for their employees. The Sudden Demand Has Created Shortages Believe it or not, the sudden demand for Porta Potties has actually caused a Porta Potty shortage in some areas. These items used to be requested in... View Article

How Portable Toilets Are Good for the Environment

September 1, 2021

If we want to save our planet, it’s important to start taking steps towards a greener future. Not many people realize it, but portable toilets are actually good for the environment in many ways. These toilets can help conserve water, prevent the spread of disease and discourage the presence of harmful pests. If you’re interested in hosting an event and are looking for a way to make it more environmentally friendly, consider opting for portable toilet rental. Read on to learn about the environmental benefits of portable toilets. They protect the landscape When there’s not a toilet nearby, people are... View Article

The Process of Renting and Purchasing Portable Toilets

August 18, 2021

Everyone has used a porta potty, or portable toilet, at least once in their lives. If you’ve hosted an event or led a construction team, you may have even had to arrange portable toilet rentals yourself. Porta potties are an excellent resource for when you need a quick and convenient place to use the restroom. If you’re interested in renting some portable toilets, it’s important to know the process. While ordering portable toilets is easy when working with a reputable supplier, there are some preparations that should be made prior to delivery. Read on to learn all the steps that... View Article

The Five Biggest DON’TS of Septic Tank Ownership

June 24, 2021

If you’re new to septic tank ownership, it’s easy to make mistakes if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn about your new system. Owning a septic tank requires more care and mindfulness than being connected to municipal sewer lines. Most notably, if something goes wrong with your plumbing or septic tank, it’s your responsibility to fix it. Read on to learn the five biggest mistakes you can make, then call Sharps Sanitation to schedule your next septic tank pumping appointment in El Centro, CA: Don’t plant anything over your drain field: Septic tanks require drain fields, which help treat... View Article

What Is the Correct Ratio of Portable Toilets to People for an Event?

June 17, 2021

Hosting an event requires a lot of planning—and some might argue that planning for portable toilets in El Centro, CA is the most important task of all. After all, no one wants to run to use the restroom, only to find that there’s a line wrapped around the block. If your guests have to wait absurd amounts of time to use the bathroom, that’s likely to be the only thing they remember about the event. On the other hand, you don’t want to rent too many porta potties, either. Here’s how to figure out how many portable toilets you’ll need... View Article


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