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What Are The Layers Of A Septic Tank? Why Does This Information Matter To Homeowners?

July 22, 2022

Many people do not want to think much about the answers to the questions: What are the layers in a septic tank? And, what can gather at the bottom of a septic tank? However, this information can help homeowners understand how their system works to prolong and improve the life of the entire septic system. Sharps Sanitation serves the El Centro, California, region with fast septic tank pumping services if you think you may need your septic contents removed.  If your toilets have not been flushing as effectively as is normal, or if your shower holds water without a plug and takes a... View Article

Common Septic Tank Problems

July 15, 2022

A septic tank serves the important purpose of collecting and filtering wastewater from a residence. However, like other important systems in your home, your septic tank requires regular servicing and maintenance. A lack of regular service is often the leading cause of septic tank issues. What Can Go Wrong With a Septic System When a septic tank has issues, several root causes could be at fault. Some are issues causing your septic tank to not operate correctly, while others are issues with various parts of your septic tank needing replacing. Some of the most common performance issues with septic tanks are:  Blockages... View Article

How To Deodorize a Portable Toilet?

June 15, 2022

We all understand the importance of cleaning the toilets in our homes. Portable toilets often get overlooked, though, with terrible consequences. Portable toilets used in Porta-Potties, RVs, trailers, and boats are all different, but all need regular cleaning and maintenance. When left untreated and not properly cleaned, these portable toilets can become contaminated with clogs and nauseous odors. The fact that portable toilets are often in very small spaces increases the chances of terrible odors. The following cleaning tips will help you keep your portable toilet deodorized and fresh. Let’s take a look at how to clean a portable toilet.  Clean... View Article

How To Keep Porta-Potties Cool in the Summer Months

June 8, 2022

During the hot summer months, you want every room you enter to be relatively cool to protect you from the heat. However, with so many outdoor events, it’s easy to encounter a hot, sweaty restroom when you need to use the facility. Porta potties and other types of portable restrooms can be extremely hot to use if proper measures are not taken.  If you’re holding a big event that requires porta potties during summer, keeping them cool, clean, and comfortable should be your priority. If kept in heat, even the cleanest and well-maintained porta potties can become stinky and unpleasant... View Article

Things To Know About ADA Portable Hand Wash Sinks

May 11, 2022

Portable sinks offer hand washing stations with cold and hot running water that are mostly used in different environments where there is no access to running or plumbing water. You only need to unpack, put it in the right location, fill it with water, and plug it in. What are the items that are included at a hand washing sink? How do portable handwashing stations work? How do you clean a portable sink? How Do Portable Handwashing Stations Work? ADA portable sinks are very simple and easy to set up and operate. You need to first unpack it, put it... View Article


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