Factors to Consider Before Renting Portable Toilets in El Centro for Your Upcoming Event

Factors to Consider Before Renting Portable Toilets in El Centro for Your Upcoming Event

February 20, 2019

Planning a large-scale event can be quite a complicated endeavor, especially when you’re talking about guests numbering in the hundreds or thousands. Chances are most of your attention is going to go toward arranging all the food and drinks and selecting the entertainment you’ll use for the event. However, it’s also important that you pay attention to some of the smaller (yet still very important) details, such as the restroom situation. For large outdoor events at which indoor restrooms will either not be available or will not always be convenient, portable toilets in El Centro are going to be your best bet.

Today’s porta potties are more functional and comfortable than they’ve ever been—you have plenty of options to choose from, ranging in complexity from the single classic units you’ve probably used many times before to more luxurious trailer units that have multiple stalls and hand washing stations.

As you determine the types of porta potties in El Centro, California you’ll be using for your event, here are some of the factors you’ll want to consider:

  • Type of event: The type of event will probably play a role in determining the type and number of units you’ll need to get. Different types of events have different needs—trailer units are ideal for weddings because they’re a bit more comfortable for the more formal environment, while single standard units are just fine for more relaxed, casual events like concerts.
  • Number of people: How many people do you expect to be at the event? This is another crucial factor to keep in mind as you order your portable toilets. You can get by with just one toilet for about 50 to 75 guests. More than that and you’ll want to start increasing. Good general rules are two toilets for 100 guests, three toilets for 250 guests and five toilets for 500 guests. Consider also the demographics—if you’re going to have more women than men, you’ll probably want more toilets.
  • Food and beverage: If the event will have food and drinks, then this will also likely lead to you needing more toilets for your guests, especially if alcohol will be served. It’s also going to be a good idea to have portable hand washing stations so people can wash their hands before and after eating their food.
  • Additional features: There are plenty of add-on features you can get for your portable toilets, including lighting, sinks, heating units, music options, cooling features and much more. Whether you use any of these types of features will likely depend on the kind of event you’re having, as well as the time of day (and year) you’re having it.
  • Placement: Make sure you have a good sense of the area where the event is happening so you know the best place to put those toilets. They should be easily accessible, but also protected from potential adverse weather.

For more information about choosing your portable toilets in El Centro, contact the team at Sharps Sanitation today.

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