5 Telltale Signs of a Full Septic Tank

5 Telltale Signs of a Full Septic Tank

November 6, 2020

New to owning a septic tank? Many clients ask how, exactly, they’ll know when it’s time to pump their septic system. Usually, your normal scheduled pumping is all you need to keep your system in good working order. Other times, you may be taken by surprise. Here are the five telltale signs that it’s time for septic tank pumping in El Centro, CA.

  1. It smells bad. Your household’s entire wastewater system drains into the septic tank. That means that in addition to human waste and toilet paper, your septic system also processes dirty dishwater, bathwater, laundry and detergents and more. All of those waste products combine to make an unmistakably foul odor. If your tank is functioning properly, you should never smell it. If you do notice bad smells coming from your drains, call for septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA.
  2. Your drains seem sluggish. A slow drain isn’t immediate cause for alarm. It could be from minor clogs like hair or too much solid waste, both of which can be fixed with plungers or septic-friendly drain cleaners like baking soda and vinegar. However, if you try these methods and your drains are still slow, it could be that your septic tank is full.
  3. There’s pooling water in the drainfield. Your drainfield is part of the septic system—it helps process and treat the remaining wastewater. If you notice that water is pooling in the drainfield, that’s a sign that your septic tank is full. It could also be due to solid waste clogging the pipes. This is another great reason to make sure you never send anything but wastewater and human waste down the drains. Unless it’s just rained, pooling water means that it’s time to call for service.
  4. Your lawn looks unusually green. Lush, green lawns are usually a good thing. When the yard over the tank looks unusually green compared to the rest of your property, however, that’s a problem. This often means that sewage and wastewater are leaking from the tank somehow. This can be due to a number of factors, such as normal wear and tear, an overfull tank or tree root invasions. Whatever the reason, make sure to address the problem immediately.
  5. You’ve got a sewer backup. Finally, a sewer backup is the most obvious sign of a problem. It’s also one of the worst to repair. Checking your drains should be a part of your weekly or monthly task list. Pay careful attention to the lowest drains in your home. If you see sewage coming back up when you flush a toilet or water should be draining, call for assistance right away.

If you faithfully keep up with your septic tank pumping and maintenance in El Centro, CA, you may never see these telltale signs of a full tank. If you do, make sure to call Sharps Sanitation right away. We’re happy to help restore your septic system and get you back on a routine septic pumping schedule to prevent future issues.

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