Multiday Event? 5 Steps to Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean

Multiday Event? 5 Steps to Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean

November 3, 2020

El Centro, CA, keeping them clean can be a bit of a challenge. Portable toilets get a bad rap, but when you keep up with these five basic sanitation steps, your guests will be grateful for safe, clean and accessible bathrooms. Here’s how to make the bathroom experience hygienic for everyone.

  1. Order the right number of toilets. We’ve all been to events where there aren’t enough bathrooms. As a result, the bathrooms that do exist are trashed by the time dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people are through with them. When you work with a long term toilet rental company in El Centro, CA, they can help you figure out how many porta potties you’ll need. This calculation is based on the number of guests, whether you’re serving food or alcohol and other factors.
  2. Plan ahead for placement. Once you know how many portable toilets you’ll need, the next hurdle is to figure out where to place them. Try to keep them out of full sun and away from dirt or mud. It’s best to group them strategically around your venue so that no one is ever too far away from a clean and safe bathroom. This also helps keep the lines down.
  3. Make sure there are plenty of supplies. Toilet paper, seat covers, soap, paper towels and plenty of garbage cans are a must. Not only is it important to encourage proper handwashing and sanitation, but when you make it easy for people to clean up their messes, they’re far more likely to do so. Stock the porta potties and handwashing stations generously, then keep an emergency stash on hand in case your supplies run out.
  4. Get your porta potties professionally serviced. When your event goes on for more than a day, it’s a smart idea to have your toilets serviced at the end of each day. Talk to your porta potty provider to decide what kind of service schedule is right for you. This will depend on how many attendees you expect, how long the event runs and what kind of event it is.
  5. Assign a bathroom attendant. Finally, you can assign a bathroom attendant to help keep things at a manageable, hygienic level. If someone leaves behind a major mess, they can help alert janitorial staff or solve the problem themselves. Alternatively, have your janitorial team stop by every few hours to check supply stock and general cleanliness.

The difference between well-maintained portable toilets and sun-baked, dirty ones is night and day. Follow the tips above to ensure a great guest experience. After all, having clean, easy-to-find bathrooms—and enough of them—means your guests will feel comfortable staying longer.

Sharps Sanitation specializes in clean, safe and affordable long term toilet rentals in El Centro, CA. Call us today to get started planning your next event and we’ll be happy to answer questions or provide estimates.

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