Reasons to Rent Construction Site Portable Toilets

Reasons to Rent Construction Site Portable Toilets

November 2, 2020

Anyone who’s spent time in the construction industry understands that bathrooms are almost never around when you’re working on the job. Even if you’re smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood—even if you’re working indoors—the odds are solid that you won’t have a stable bathroom at the ready. That’s when it’s time to think about porta potty rental in El Centro, CA. Here’s why construction companies, contractors and foremen need to consider portable toilet rentals before a job starts, instead of letting their workers fend for themselves.

Improve Hygiene

The most obvious reason to get a porta-potty on your job site is to improve hygiene. No one wants to have to hold it (or try to find a secluded area) when they’re on the job. There’s no such thing as a client who thinks it’s acceptable for someone to use their bushes as a stop-gap bathroom! Plus, you don’t want workers trapsing through private property when they’re covered in construction debris.

Boost Morale

Let’s face it: at some point during the eight-hour workday, nature will call. It’s inevitable. When it does, your workers need a place to relieve themselves while they’re working. A porta potty rental in El Centro, CA is a simple way to show them that you’re looking out for them and that you understand their needs. It’s amazing how much of a morale boost it is to have access to a clean, comfortable, private bathroom on a worksite.

Raise Productivity

Many contractors don’t understand the immense loss of productivity that goes alongside not having a ready bathroom. Whether they’re holding it in or leaving the site to find someplace to relieve themselves, your worker’s thoughts aren’t on the job. That results in slower, sloppier work. With a clean porta-potty on-site, rest assured your workers won’t worry about finding somewhere to go.

Help Your Clients

If you’re going to be working on a project in a remote area or one that involves shutting off the water to a client’s home, a porta potty is a must. You may just get a much nicer review if you provide your clients with a place to relieve themselves while they’re waiting for the water to be turned back on. Even if you’re not turning off the water, you should never rely on them to use their restroom. Some homeowners simply don’t want the extra inconvenience.

Get the Best

Figuring out porta potty rental in El Centro, CA for a jobsite is different from event rentals, since the timeline of a job can vary, along with the number of workers on-site. If you need estimates or have questions, we’re here to help.

Since we opened our doors in 1964, Sharps Sanitation has established a reputation for excellence among our customers. Whether you need one or more portable toilets, handwashing stations or one of our variety of septic services, you can count on us. Before you start your next job, learn what we can do for your workers in the way of clean, well-maintained portable toilet rentals. Get in touch with us today!

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