Wedding Portable Toilet Rental Tips

Wedding Portable Toilet Rental Tips

November 24, 2020

You’re getting married—congratulations! In between planning for the date, outdoor venue, what to wear and who to invite, you’ve got one more important thing to put on your to-do list: getting enough portable toilets for your guests.

Event toilet rentals in El Centro, CA may not seem like the definition of romance, but we guarantee that having plenty of clean, accessible bathrooms will make sure that your guests feel the love. Here’s how to plan your wedding when you’re renting porta potties.

  • Order enough restrooms. There is nothing worse than having to wait in a long line for the bathroom. Make sure that you order enough portable toilets for your guests, especially if you plan to serve food and alcohol. Estimate about one toilet per 25 guests, and more if it’s a remote location or an all-day/all-night affair.
  • Find out if your guests have special needs. If you have disabled guests or those with mobility issues, they’ll need special accommodations. Luckily, there are ADA-accessible portable toilets available, which can make the experience more comfortable for anyone who needs assistance. Depending on how many of your guests have special needs, one to two accessible bathrooms should be enough.
  • Book in advance. Like everything else in wedding planning, you’ll need to book your portable toilets in advance. This is especially important during festival and fair season—you don’t want to book your outdoor venue years in advance only to find that there’s nowhere for your guests to use the bathroom. After you book the venue, start researching toilet rental companies. They’ll let you know how soon you need to book to guarantee your restroom rental.
  • Place the toilets strategically. After you’ve booked your venue and restroom rental, it’s time to decide where you’ll place the toilets. Obviously, you don’t want them where they’ll be visible in photos (unless you have an unusual sense of humor). They also shouldn’t be anywhere near the food and beverage area. On the other hand, don’t place them too far away, especially if you have guests with mobility issues. You’ll need a flat, stable place to put them, preferably on concrete or pavement.
  • Plan to dress them up a bit. Finally, you can make the bathroom area a little nicer for your guests. Some people set up tents or canopies to shield the porta potties from the sun and create men’s and women’s bathrooms. Tables with various toiletries and handwashing stations make it feel nicer, while fairy lights, flowers and other décor makes it feel less practical and more luxurious.

    Ultimately, your guests just want a clean and convenient place to go when nature calls. Make sure you provide plenty of portable toilets so that they can stick around and party all night long. It may not be the most glamorous or exciting part of your wedding planning, but porta potty rentals are definitely worth the time and expense to coordinate. To discuss porta potty rentals for your upcoming wedding, call Sharps Sanitation today.

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