What Are the Steps of Septic Tank Installation?

What Are the Steps of Septic Tank Installation?

November 27, 2020

There are plenty of reasons you’ll need to get a septic tank for your home. These underground ecosystems manage the wastewater for a private residence or a commercial enterprise. As you might imagine, when the time comes to install your septic system, it’s a task that you will want to take very seriously. Keep reading to find out about what’s involved in the installation of your septic tank and how to engage in productive septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA. 

Find the Right Contractor

The first step in the installation process is to seek out a contractor with several years of experience and a proven track record for success. You should also make sure that the contractor is appropriately licensed to install any kind of septic system. This step is essential when you’re planning to install a septic system because you’ll want a contractor who is ready to work alongside you throughout the installation process.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect contractor for your needs, they will come to your home, assess your property and determine whether a septic system is the right choice for your home or business. Remember that once your tank is buried, it will require routine septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA, to keep it functioning. 

The Design Process

If your septic pro determines that your soil can support a septic system, it’s time to begin the design process. Your septic pro will draw up plans for the placement of both your septic tank and the drain field where wastewater will seep safely into your soil. Once they’ve run the numbers and determined the right size and location for your septic tank, your contractor will ask for your approval. 

Once you sign off on the plans, you’ll also need to get approval from local authorities. Your contractor should have more information on how to go about this process. Once the legal i’s are dotted, it’s time to install. 


Here’s where you’ll be happy you went with a pro. A licensed contractor can make sure that your hole is dug and your septic tank installed in short order. Once the tank is in the ground and the drain field is in place, your contractor will run a few tests to determine the quality of the installation. Then, they should educate you on the proper maintenance steps and regimen. 

Start on the Right Foot

As soon as your septic tank is installed, make your first call to Sharps Sanitation. We’ll set up a regimen of septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA, designed to keep your entire septic system functioning at peak efficiency. If you have a recreational vehicle, we can handle pumping the septic tank there, too!

At Sharps Sanitation, we’re more than just excellent at septic tank pumping. We also offer a comprehensive selection of porta potties, both in traditional variety and handicap-accessible. We also offer hand-washing stations, so you can make sure your employees or guests are staying as hygienic as possible. Call today to find out how Sharps Sanitation can help you.

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