How Often Does My Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped?

How Often Does My Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped?

December 8, 2020

When you have a septic system installed on your property, the first natural question is: how often does the tank need to be pumped? After all, no one wants to suffer through the worst parts of an overworked septic system. 

Conventional wisdom indicates that you should schedule septic tank pumping in El Centro, CA, every three to five years. That said, the answer isn’t quite as cut and dry as all that. First of all, two years is a massive window of time during which you should schedule a pump. Second, some environments may require more specialized care or frequent visits. 

Here’s how to determine how frequently you should have your septic tank pumped.

What Is Pumped From a Septic Tank?

When you flush solid waste down the drain in your home, it flows through the pipes and ends up at the bottom of your septic tank. Where chemical and oil-based waste is broken down, and wastewater is safely reintroduced to the environment, the solid waste sinks to the bottom of your tank and lies there. If left untended, this solid waste can eventually block the intake pipe and make it difficult for new waste to enter the tank. 

What Kind of Septic System Do You Have?

The “3 to 5” year rule only applies to traditional septic systems. Specialized septic systems include more electronic or mechanical components, like switches and pumps. These modern additions to your septic system should be inspected more regularly than a standard septic system. You should also likely schedule septic tank pumping in El Centro, CA, more frequently than average. 

Size Vs. Square Footage

Typically, residential septic tanks come in three sizes: 750 gallons, 1000 gallons and 1250 gallons. If you’re not sure what size septic tank you have, a local septic pumping company can help you figure it out. If your home is relatively small (two or three bedrooms) and your tank is on the larger side, you can probably afford to go a few months longer between septic pumping sessions. Meanwhile, if you have a larger home and a smaller tank, you should consider having your septic tank pumped once every two years.

Stress on the System

Beyond the size of your tank and the square footage of your home, consider the amount of liquid and solid waste you flush. If your kids constantly have friends over, if you like to cook a lot, if you have frequent visitors or throw parties for your friends, then your septic system will likely require attention sooner rather than later. Again, this also depends on the capacity of your tank.

Set Up a Schedule

If you’re not sure when to engage in septic tank pumping in El Centro, CA, you should contact Sharps Sanitation. One of our helpful and courteous technicians can come to your property and help you determine when you should have your tank pumped, then set up a schedule tailored to meet your needs. Call today!

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