RV Gray Water and Black Water FAQs

RV Gray Water and Black Water FAQs

December 11, 2020

When it comes to RV ownership, RV septic pumping in El Centro, CA is a top priority. Learning about the septic system and how to maintain it is an essential for any RV owner. Use the following FAQs on RV black tank pumping to get the information you need for successful and responsible RV ownership.

What is gray water?

Gray water is the liquid that drains from your RV’s kitchen and bathroom sinks and the shower. This water contains bacteria, but it can be filtered and reused for some purposes, such as watering lawns. However, it must be properly treated in order to safely reuse it.

What is black water?

Black water is the water that drains from the toilet. Because it contains human waste and is unsafe for reuse, it must be disposed of properly. It requires a separate tank for storage and careful handling upon disposal.

How frequently should I dispose of black water?

Your black water holding tank should be emptied once it is at least two-thirds full before you flush. This will probably be every few days or weekly. Do not empty this tank too often, because this will not allow enough time for the solids to break down. Frequent dumping leaves solids behind, which will cause the system to run poorly.

Does it matter which water I dump first when I empty the tanks?

When you dump your tanks, empty the black water tank first. As you empty the gray tank, the process will help flush out the hose.

What should I do after dumping the tanks?

Once both tanks are emptied, flush out each of the tanks thoroughly. Your RV may have a built-in process for flushing the system, or you may need to use chemicals and other tank cleaning supplies to complete this RV black tank pumping in El Centro, CA.

Does an RV toilet work differently than a residential one?

Yes. Keep in mind that there is no toilet tank. Because of this, the flush process involves two steps. First, push the handle halfway down to fill the toilet with water, then press if fully for flushing. This ensures there is enough water to break down solid waste in the tank.

For smooth RV septic pumping in El Centro, CA, it’s also important to use RV toilet paper and to use as little of it as possible. This style of paper breaks down more quickly, so your system is less likely to clog. Still, it’s best to put as little solid material into the RV septic system as possible.

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