Signs You Need Septic Tank Maintenance

Signs You Need Septic Tank Maintenance

December 9, 2020

For most people who own or use a septic tank, it doesn’t enter their minds very often. After all, it’s buried underground and (most of the time) it functions without issue. That said, problems can arise. If you notice any of the following warning signs, schedule septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA, as soon as possible. 


  • It’s been five-plus years: If it’s five or more years since you had your septic tank pumped, or if you don’t remember when you last had a professional pump your septic system, you should immediately schedule an appointment to have your system pumped and inspected.
  • Slow drains: When a drain refuses to empty or takes an excessively long time to do so, it’s a real nuisance. When you own a septic system, it’s doubly so because it could indicate that you have a clog or some blockage forming on the inside of your pipes or tank. This could suggest you need the tank to be pumped to relieve stress on the system. 
  • Extremely green grass: Are there patches of particularly green grass sprouting above the spot where your tank is or in your drain field? This could mean there’s a crack in your tank or a leak somewhere in your septic system. This is a serious problem; you should consult a professional to inspect your system right away.
  • A potent smell: Another surefire sign you need septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA, is a distinct odor. When your septic tank is too full, the smell from your family’s solid waste will begin to rise from your drains, toilets and the ground around the tank itself. This smell is a sign something needs to be done about your septic tank post-haste. 
  • Sewage backups: One of the most terrible things a homeowner can imagine is a sewage backup. Flushing a toilet only to have the water rise is not only gross, but it presents an active health hazard to your family. Backups occur when there is a clog in your system or when solid waste is allowed to build to the point that it climbs back into your home.
  • Gurgling noises: One of the more subtle signs you could have issues with your septic system is gurgling noises after you flush the toilet or while you’re running the tap in a bathroom or the kitchen. This gurgling indicates your septic tank is full.


When you require routine septic tank maintenance in El Centro, CA, you can count on Sharps Sanitation. We have the experience and the tools necessary to make sure your septic tank is pumped thoroughly, whether it’s in your home or in your RV. When you contact Sharps Sanitation, we’ll send a friendly, knowledgeable technician to assess your needs and pump your tank if it’s required.  

We’re the sanitation team to trust if you need to rent portable toilets or handwashing stations, too! From septic service to porta potty rental, find out how Sharps Sanitation can help you.

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