What is RV Black Tank Flushing?

What is RV Black Tank Flushing?

December 3, 2020

If you’ve got an RV, you’ve got a black tank—the under-rig tank that holds all the waste from your toilet. Like any piece of equipment, you need to understand how to properly maintain and flush your black tank. Otherwise, you might find that your toilets no longer function, which defeats the purpose of having an RV in the first place! Read on to learn everything you need to know about RV black tank dumping in El Centro, CA.

The Basics of Black Tanks

Your RV likely has two different tanks: one that catches all the water from your sinks and drains, called the gray tank, and the black tank, which collects toilet waste. You’ll need to dump both tanks periodically, but the black tank requires you to connect to a sewer system.

How to Clean Your Tank

Considering what your RV tank holds, it’s no surprise it can get dirty and smelly fast. There are plenty of commercial deodorizers and cleaners you can add to your tank before you set out on your next trip. This will help keep smells to a minimum, and will allow your sensors to work properly. If you find that you have clogs or other issues, there are many online resources to troubleshoot black tank cleaning problems.

How Often to Dump Your Tank

Your dump frequency will depend on how many people are using your RV bathroom, and how often. If you’re a single adventurer or part of a couple, you can probably wait several days to a week to dump the tank. Larger families may need to do it every day or every other day. 

One word of caution: never, ever come home from a camping trip without flushing your black tank first. You don’t want to let that waste sit!

How to Dump Your Tank

First, you’ll need to find an appropriate location at your campsite. Most RV-equipped campsites have sewer hoses that you can connect to your black and gray water tanks. 

First, connect the hose. Then pull the black tank valve to allow that to drain. When it’s finished, close the black tank valve and pull the gray water valve so that it, too, can drain. Close the gray water valve and disconnect the hose. Rinse it if necessary, then store it so you can be on your way.

When to Flush Your Black Tank

Sometimes RV black tanks have a special hose that will let you “power wash” the tank. Check your manufacturer’s manual to make sure you follow all the directions to the letter. Otherwise, you risk flooding your RV through the toilet. If you don’t have the flushing option, there are plenty of aftermarket parts that make it possible. Flush your tank after every camping trip so waste isn’t sitting there for weeks or months at a time.

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