What's New in Toilet Technology?

What’s New in Toilet Technology?

April 14, 2021

You might think that the porta potty business hasn’t changed much over the years, but the fact is that technology has impacted the portable toilet industry just like it has with other fields. That’s because leading portable toilet companies like Sharps Sanitation are always working to provide for customers’ sanitation needs. If you want to see how we’re updating our portable toilets in El Centro, CA for the 21st century, read on!

Starting the process

If you’re organizing a public event, the first step is understanding how many toilets you’ll need. We use a restroom calculator that will tell you exactly how many portable toilets are needed at an event based on the number of attendees expected. This even includes how many handwashing stations you’ll need. Because of these technological solutions, you have great flexibility and peace of mind when planning your next event.

This also takes into consideration the type of event, as portable toilet needs for special events can be different than those for construction sites, for example. You may also be interested in ADA-compliant toilets, which are legally required for many events. Being able to receive a detailed quote will help you with budgeting and logistical considerations.

Modern solutions

Once you put your order in, that’s when our software kicks into high gear. It enters your information in the system and then communicates with other departments like sales and dispatch, as well as with technicians who are out in the field. This means our drivers take the most efficient routes to transport portable toilets for your event and stay in constant communication with dispatch about their progress.

When any problems pop up—as they occasionally do—our feedback and communication system provides plenty of support. This allows us to solve problems quickly and deliver a great experience for all our customers. For example, Sharps Sanitation allows customers to reach us at any time. This level of communication means we can anticipate any potential issues and be able to address them right away. Our goal is for everything to be seamless, from the customer entering the order to the event itself to billing.

Planning your next event

No matter what kind of event you’re planning—from a small outdoor gathering to a large music festival—you’ll want to consider how you’re going to provide restrooms that are usable for all your guests. Having a company that’s harnessing today’s technology to work for you is a smart move. It allows for better planning and clearer communication throughout the process. At Sharps Sanitation, we’ve been evolving with the times as part of our continued commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.

The next time you need portable toilets in El Centro, CA, trust the company that’s been serving the area for more than 55 years. Sharps Sanitation specializes in portable toilet rentals for any occasion, along with septic tank pumping, RV tank pumping and portable toilet pumping. We’re a local company that’s ready to meet your portable toilet and septic needs. Contact us right away to learn more about our products, services and competitive rates!

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