Five Bathroom Safety Tips for Guests During COVID-19

Five Bathroom Safety Tips for Guests During COVID-19

May 13, 2021

Whether you’re hosting a small backyard gathering at your home in El Centro, CA, or you need to let service people like plumbers or electricians use your bathroom, it’s important to be mindful of health and safety protocols during the time of the pandemic. Follow these five toilet safety tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Designate a guest bathroom

The smartest way to ensure the safety of you and your guests at your El Centro, CA gathering is to invest in portable toilets. If you don’t have the space or the means to add a temporary portable toilet to your property, you can designate one of the lesser-used bathrooms in your home as a guest bathroom. It reduces your chances of making contact with any virus guests may have left behind in the bathroom.

Provide plenty of cleaning products

For an extra level of protection, have cleaning products available so guests can sanitize your bathroom after every use. It’s smart to keep sanitizing wipes or spray on hand, on a vanity or on the sink itself. Encourage your guests to wipe down or spray any high-touch surfaces in the bathroom, including handles on the sink and the doorknob.

You should also give guests the supplies they need to properly wash their hands during their time in the bathroom. Provide antibacterial hand soap—liquid is preferred over bar soap, since guests can simply touch the pump to apply soap to their hands. You should also swap out any fabric towels with paper towels. Since paper towels are single use, they reduce the risk of transmission when guests are drying their hands.

Limit guests’ indoor time

Encourage guests to minimize the time they spend indoors and the surfaces that they touch while inside. It’s generally safe for visitors to use your bathroom as long as they don’t take any detours along the way. While it’s hard to avoid touching door handles or light switches, make sure guests limit the number of surfaces they touch inside the home.

Enforce social distancing and mask protocols

Doctors and scientists now know that the primary method of coronavirus transmission is through the air, so enforcing social distancing and mask protocols is your best defense against spreading or contracting this disease. During any gathering, be firm about social distancing with all guests and encourage people to use masks even when they’re using your bathroom. Since bathrooms are typically poorly ventilated, this is another safeguard to prevent transmission of airborne particles as guests come in and out.

Be thorough about cleaning

Clean your designated guest bathroom before and after any gathering. It doesn’t hurt to be safe and put in the extra elbow grease to clean all areas of the bathroom, even the ones that guests may not have touched. Of course, sanitize all high-touch areas like faucets, light switches and toilet lids, but also clean the countertops and other surfaces to be on the safe side.

Being mindful of toilet safety at your El Centro, CA home during the pandemic ensures both your own safety and the safety of any guests who may stop by. Contact Sharps Sanitation today to learn more about keeping your home safe and sanitized for you and your family, or to rent portable toilets for an upcoming gathering or event.

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