The Key Elements of Proper Porta Potty Etiquette

The Key Elements of Proper Porta Potty Etiquette

May 27, 2021

The prospect of using a porta potty in any situation is never a pleasant one, but when nature calls, there’s often no way to avoid it. Whether you’re at a farmers market, an art fair or an outdoor concert, follow these five tips to keep portable toilets in El Centro, CA cleaner and ensure you and everyone else has a pleasant experience.

Be patient

Anyone who’s been to an outdoor event knows what it’s like to head to the nearest porta potty, only to find it occupied. Waiting your turn is the most basic of etiquette tips when it comes to using portable toilets in El Centro, CA. Never cut in line, and always be mindful of those around you. When possible, let families with kids have priority—it’s just good etiquette.

Don’t take your time

No one likes to wait when nature calls, which is why you need to be efficient when it’s your turn. Don’t use a porta potty as a refuge to take a phone call, apply makeup or whatever else strikes your fancy—do what you need to do and get out so others can take their turn.

Plan ahead if you have kids

Taking children to the porta potty can be a nightmare for many reasons. If you’re planning to attend an outdoor event with kids, try to think ahead and map out a route to the nearest public restroom. Keep in mind that good porta potty etiquette includes being efficient when it’s your turn to go, and those who aren’t potty trained can really hold up the line. While it’s impossible to avoid in some situations, try to use public restrooms whenever possible.

Be conservative with toilet paper

Porta potties aren’t meant to handle wads of toilet paper. After all, they can’t be flushed, and it can pile up throughout an event. Be conservative with your toilet paper usage and be sure to never throw sanitary products down a porta potty. Not only will you keep the unit from overflowing, but you’ll also ensure there’s enough toilet paper to go around. It’s a major consideration to keep in mind every time it’s your turn to use a porta potty at a gathering or event.

Tidy up

It’s helpful to tidy up as best you can after you’ve gotten the job done in a portable toilet. It’s good form to be mindful of the people who have to come in after you. No matter what type of event you’re hosting or attending, be sure to carry some sanitizer on you, since a sink or water fountain might not be available for washing your hands. Keep yourself safe and healthy by sanitizing after every trip to the porta potty.

Are you planning to host an event and in need of portable toilets in El Centro, CA? Be mindful of others and rent enough units for the crowds you expect—they’ll certainly appreciate it. Contact Sharps Sanitation today for all your portable toilet needs. We look forward to assisting you!

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