Things To Know About ADA Portable Hand Wash Sinks

Things To Know About ADA Portable Hand Wash Sinks

May 11, 2022

Portable sinks offer hand washing stations with cold and hot running water that are mostly used in different environments where there is no access to running or plumbing water. You only need to unpack, put it in the right location, fill it with water, and plug it in. What are the items that are included at a hand washing sink? How do portable handwashing stations work? How do you clean a portable sink?

How Do Portable Handwashing Stations Work?

ADA portable sinks are very simple and easy to set up and operate. You need to first unpack it, put it in the exact place where you want it, fill the water tank with fresh water, and then plug it into a standard electrical outlet. Though some of the portable sink designs are available with propane power or battery power, they can smoothly work without the need for electricity.

The cabinet always has a clean water tank and another tank for waste or dirty water. Portable sinks for warm water have an input electrical heater and pump just inside the cabinet. The tanks are very simple to connect or disconnect when you need to fill up the clean water or when you want to empty the dirty water.

Both the waste and fresh water tanks have very different mechanisms for connecting, ensuring that they can’t be inadvertently switched. The dirty water tank can be emptied directly into the drain. Most companies provide extra tanks to make the changing process easy.

How Do You Clean a Portable Sink?

Clean your portable sink daily, but ensure that you use a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaners. Make sure you promptly dry all the surfaces. Empty the dirty water tank before it’s full to prevent it from overflowing. Ensure that the fresh water always has water flowing through it because if it runs out, it can easily damage the pump.

Make sure that the sink is turned off at the end of the day and leave the faucets in a very open position. This will reduce water pressure, thus helping with maintaining the pump. The following day, bring the faucet to a closed position and make sure you turn it on before using it.

Remove any debris from the strainer at the end of the day. Make sure the drain is clean to prevent it from building up and affecting the water flow. Even though the sink cabinet is water-resistant, it can’t stay wet for long. Wipe any spilled water from the cabinet. Return all items that are included at a handwash sink, like handwashing soap and a towel.

Bottom line

ADA portable sinks are the easiest to maintain and use because you can move the sink to any place you need. Make sure you have items that are included in a hand washing sink. Some portable sinks are sold with a guide on how portable handwashing stations work and how to clean a portable sink.

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