What Are the Different Types of Portable Toilets?

What Are the Different Types of Portable Toilets?

May 4, 2022

If you have an upcoming event or construction project, you may have been shopping for portable washrooms. If so, you must have been trying to find answers to one of the most common questions about portable toilets: What kind of portable toilets are there?

There are several types of portable washrooms designed to meet different needs and budgets. They include:

Standard Portable Toilets

This is the most common option for portable potties. These portable bathrooms only have the basic features to facilitate sanitation. They are also cheaper and are an excellent option for saving costs when you need many of them. Thus, they are the best alternative for large gatherings such as concerts.

Flushable Portable Toilet

These are deluxe porta potties that are connected to a separate tank or sewer. They look like the standard portable bathrooms, with the only difference being that they can be flushed. These toilets are advantageous since they enhance users’ comfort. Besides, many people cannot stand using a non-flushable portable bathroom due to waste collection. Also, they reduce the risk of overflow and the spread of disease. Most importantly, these porta potties smell less since waste does not linger. Therefore, if you have a big event like a wedding, you should consider using this design.

Portable Toilet with a Sink

These porta potties have a single or multi-user hand washing station. They come equipped with sinks, soap or sanitizer dispensers, and hand towels. This type of portable bathroom comes in handy, especially where there is limited access to sinks. Your guests will thank you for this thoughtful idea since they don’t have to stroll all over the premises looking for water and soap to wash their hands after using the washroom. 

ADA-Accessible Portable Toilet

These porta potties are designed to enhance access for people with disabilities. They mostly look like the standard portable toilets, except they meet several stringent guidelines. For example, they have mobility aiding features such as grab rails. The interior space must also be larger than the standard portable toilets to allow ease of access using mobility-aid equipment. The door and entry design are also different, allowing for wheelchair accessibility.

Portable Toilet With a Baby Changing Station

Want to make your event family-friendly? You need to consider renting portable washrooms that have a baby changing station. They have extra space and a foldable changing table that parents and caregivers will highly value. Besides, most children below three years hardly know how to use the potty. Therefore, they will need their diapers changed several times throughout the event. So, you need to provide this accommodation even if the event is not entirely meant for young children or parents with toddlers.

Wrapping Up

Your next event or construction project should not be subject to poor sanitation planning. With the five options of portable toilets available, you are guaranteed to give your guests or workers the peace of mind they deserve. Depending on who is on your list and their unique needs, you can choose one of the above types of portable toilets or mix several of them.

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