How To Keep Porta-Potties Cool in the Summer Months

How To Keep Porta-Potties Cool in the Summer Months

June 8, 2022

During the hot summer months, you want every room you enter to be relatively cool to protect you from the heat. However, with so many outdoor events, it’s easy to encounter a hot, sweaty restroom when you need to use the facility. Porta potties and other types of portable restrooms can be extremely hot to use if proper measures are not taken. 

If you’re holding a big event that requires porta potties during summer, keeping them cool, clean, and comfortable should be your priority. If kept in heat, even the cleanest and well-maintained porta potties can become stinky and unpleasant to use. This article discusses a few tips you can use to keep your portable restrooms in great shape.

Why Are Porta Potties So Hot?

The main reason why portal potties stink and become unbearably hot is the placement. Even though portable restrooms are designed to reflect sunlight and withstand heat, the summer weather can ramp up the temperature, creating foul odors that make guests feel uncomfortable.

Porta potties need to be placed in a shaded area, full of airflow and naturally cool. The ideal place is on flat ground, underneath trees or near a body of water. If there is no natural shade nearby, you can invest in a rental canopy or tent.

How to Keep Your Porta Potties Comfortable in the Summer Heat

Apart from placement, there are other things you can do to ensure your porta potties stay clean, cool, and comfortable throughout your event. Below are the tips to guide you.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

While they are designed to offer proper airflow, there is always something you can do to keep the interior air circulation better. Remember, much of the air in the interior section is stagnant. Focus on keeping the potties in windy or naturally moving air. You can also open doors during specific times of the day for maximum airflow.

Keep It Clean

Bacteria thrive in hot, humid areas. That’s why it’s essential to watch out for odors that intensify quickly. Cleaning and servicing the potties regularly is one of the best ways to keep bacteria from building up.

Invest in Air Conditioning

If you don’t have enough shade to keep the temperature in the restrooms cool, you can always consider air conditioning. Some potties come with in-built air conditioning to help keep the temperatures cool and comfortable for the people using them. An air conditioner can also help improve the overall quality of air and eliminate odors.

Use High-End Deodorizers

Once the indoor air space in the porta potties is cool, you can use air fresheners to keep them smelling fresh. Remember, you can’t use deodorizers alone. You still need to clean and service the potties to keep bad smells away.

Keep Your Porta Potties in Clean, Sanitary Conditions With Sharps Sanitation

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