Common Septic Tank Problems

Common Septic Tank Problems

July 15, 2022

A septic tank serves the important purpose of collecting and filtering wastewater from a residence. However, like other important systems in your home, your septic tank requires regular servicing and maintenance. A lack of regular service is often the leading cause of septic tank issues.

What Can Go Wrong With a Septic System

When a septic tank has issues, several root causes could be at fault. Some are issues causing your septic tank to not operate correctly, while others are issues with various parts of your septic tank needing replacing. Some of the most common performance issues with septic tanks are: 

  • Blockages to the pipe that connects the septic tank to your house. This blockage can be total or partial, causing the fluid to slowly drain.
  • Damage to the connecting pipe, such as crushing, animal damage, and tree roots growing into the pipe.
  • The inlet baffle itself becoming clogged like the connecting pipe.
  • Effluent filter blocks or clogging that causes wastewater and sewage to back up into the home.
  • Failure of the drain field, causing back-ups or leaks into your yard. This component can become damaged or break due to aging.

What Are Signs of Septic System Failure? 

Often you only become aware of septic tank failure due to the associated problems this causes. Signs of a failing septic tank may include the following scenarios.

  • When your septic tank isn’t operating as designed, one of the most visible signs is wastewater backing up into your home. This waste enters through fixtures connected to your home’s sewage system, such as your sink or toilet.
  • Bright green areas in your yard near or around your septic tank can be signs of a leak. Septic tank leaks cause your lawn to become fertilized and watered, improving growth. Other yard issues include mushy and wet patches.
  • Another sign of a septic tank leak is an unpleasant smell in your yard due to waste leaking out of the tank, or such issues as a loose cover. This smell may only be noticeable in certain parts of your yard, during certain times of the day, or when it is windy.

The Importance of Professional Help

When you are having issues with your septic tank, you should contact a professional for assistance as soon as possible. This ensures that your septic tank is correctly repaired and that any further damage to your home and property is avoided.

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