What Are The Layers Of A Septic Tank? Why Does This Information Matter To Homeowners?

What Are The Layers Of A Septic Tank? Why Does This Information Matter To Homeowners?

July 22, 2022

Many people do not want to think much about the answers to the questions: What are the layers in a septic tank? And, what can gather at the bottom of a septic tank? However, this information can help homeowners understand how their system works to prolong and improve the life of the entire septic system. Sharps Sanitation serves the El Centro, California, region with fast septic tank pumping services if you think you may need your septic contents removed. 

If your toilets have not been flushing as effectively as is normal, or if your shower holds water without a plug and takes a while to drain, you may have septic tank issues.

What Are the Layers in a Septic Tank?

  • Floating scum. Grease, toilet paper, solid fats, and anything else that will float because it is lighter than water. 
  • Liquid. Water, floating solids (yes, exactly what you think), and other liquids make this main layer. 
  • Sludge bottom. Nonliquid content will settle here. This layer consists of bones, dead bacteria, sanitary products, and items that should not be flushed and end up sinking to the bottom. As this level increases, the productivity of your system decreases. 

Why Is Septic Tank Pumping Important?

A full septic tank is simply not going to run as efficiently as an empty one. The system is designed to reach "full" levels of material and then drain again and again but over time this becomes less efficient as debris gathers at the bottom and slowly fills up the area that should drain away. Pumping removes the items that do not belong to make sure your waste is flushed away quickly without backwash into the pipes. An efficient system outdoors makes sure that you have a clean and efficient piping system indoors, so do not delay getting your septic tank pumped if you see signs that it may be full. 

Contact us at Sharps Sanitation if you think you may need your septic tank pumped. Our services are fast and efficient, and you do not have to do a thing. Do not delay getting your system pumped if you have had backups because the problem can compound and lead to the need for a plumber. Call us today at (760) 352-3067. We serve El Centro, California, and the surrounding areas with quality septic pumping services and porta potty rentals and removal for your event. 

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