Why Rent an ADA Porta Potty?

Why Rent an ADA Porta Potty?

August 8, 2022

A lot of details go into planning an outdoor event. Bathroom facilities should be high on your list of priorities. Without proper bathroom facilities, you may not be able to hold your event at all.

ADA-compliant toilets are the best way to ensure you meet the needs of your guests and avoid any unwanted fines or fees. This quick guide will help educate you on the benefits of this option. Keep reading to learn more.

What Does ADA Compliant Porta Potty Mean?

You may wonder, "What is the difference between handicap accessibility and ADA accessibility?" Well, there is a difference between ADA-compliant porta potties and regular handicap-accessible units. Understanding the differences is essential to meeting the needs of your guests and staying compliant with local event codes.

A regular handicap-accessible porta potty simply has handicap-accessible features, but in most cases, this type of toilet does not meet the ADA compliance regulations as set forth by the ADA (The Americans With Disabilities Act).

An ADA-compliant porta potty complies with all of the established legal guidelines for accessibility as set by the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. These criteria are much more detailed. An ADA-compliant toilet will meet the following standards.

  • 1 ADA unit for every 20 portable units on site
  • Hinged or magnetic doors
  • Interior grab bars
  • A sign indicating it is ADA compliant
  • Room for a 360-degree turn

Why Should I Use ADA Compliant Porta Potties?

Using an ADA-compliant porta potty is the only way to fulfill all legal requirements as set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act. If you do not use this type of toilet for your events, you will run the risk of being reported. You could face fines and your event could possibly be shut down.

Another reason is that doing so will help build a reputation for your organization or business in the community. Citizens with disabilities notice when organizations and businesses go the extra mile to make accommodations for all guests.

What Are the Benefits of Renting an ADA Compliant Unit?

Now that you understand the important differences between the types of units available, let’s talk about the benefits of renting an ADA unit.

Guest comfort

If your guests are not comfortable at your event, it can cause big problems. You may be left trying to scramble to find facilities that will accommodate guests. You may also face embarrassment if your guests report your event.

Reduce Liabilities

When the proper types of facilities are not available, you increase your chances of people getting injured as they try to use a less than ideal porta potty. This could result in someone getting hurt at your event and holding you liable for their injuries. It is much easier to simply provide the proper facilities in the first place.

Extra Room

Another benefit is that the larger ADA-compliant units provide additional space for all visitors. These units are so roomy they can double as changing rooms as well for certain types of events.

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