5 Useful Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilet Rental

5 Useful Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilet Rental

January 8, 2023

Handicap portable toilets, also referred to as wheelchair accessible, are designed to ensure sanitation facilities are inclusive of handicapped individuals. 

Whether attending an outdoor event or perhaps on a job site, these facilities are manufactured with a flat roof, extended interior size, and increased entry openings. 

These features allow wheelchairs of all sizes ready access and the capacity to rotate 360 degrees inside the facility. The user will also find durable stainless steel rails mounted on the interior for safe navigation, along with non-skid flooring.

The recommendation is that each outdoor event or construction worksite include ADA handicap portable toilets, at least one. Consider these advantages of handicapped portable toilet rental.

5 Useful Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilet Rental

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a minimum of at least one handicapped portable toilet with each event or on a construction site. Staff should also be highly qualified, knowledgeable, and ready if an emergency or assistance is needed. 

What are some advantages of having a handicapped portable toilet rental for your location? Consider these benefits.

The convenience and user-friendliness allow independence for a handicapped individual

Setting up a handicapped portable toilet allows wheelchair-bound individuals to use facilities safely and conveniently with or without assistance. 

With the large interior, if a person were to need someone to help with their personal care, there would be additional space for navigation.

The handicapped portable toilet promotes inclusivity

It promotes inclusivity when sanitation facilities are provided for individuals of every capability. No one needs to feel as though they stand out or need special accommodations since there is already an area designated explicitly for everyone. 

It allows handicapped persons to enjoy the events they attend, feeling accepted and part of the occasion.

The large size of the handicapped portable toilets is family-friendly

At an outdoor event, there are usually no restrooms to take a toddler or infant for changing diapers. A standard portable sanitation facility is never adequate for a little one to be sanitarily changed. Often, it’s a long trek back to the vehicle to clean up, making the child more grumpy.

When there’s an extended-sized sanitation facility, a parent or both parents benefit from added space to take care of their family. In this instance, while not handicapped, a facility of this sort is necessary.

The skid-proof flooring and handrails are ideal safety measures

For elderly guests, the skid-proof flooring and the handrails serve as a safety measure benefiting less than able-bodied adults who need extra precautions. 

In many cases, some frail senior citizens use a cane or can fall risks in everyday life. 

While attending an outdoor event, friends and family might worry, especially when the individual needs to use sanitation facilities. It could prove detrimental if there weren’t durable stainless steel rails to hold onto for balance, like with the handicapped portable toilets.

The handicapped portable toilet allows any size wheelchair

The suggestion is that with the ADA-approved portable sanitation facilities, the toilets will accommodate any size wheelchair making them convenient for all handicapped individuals.

Final Thoughts

Renting portable handicapped portable toilets is a convenient, practical method for providing access to sanitation facilities for handicapped individuals. You will follow the ADA compliance regulations and provide inclusivity to everyone at your event or on your job site. That’s a priceless investment.


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