6 Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips

6 Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips

January 22, 2023

Having a clean, comfortable restroom at any event or location lets your guests or visitors appreciate your service. Your name will forever be connected with their portable toilet experience. So let’s talk about six steps to keep portable toilets clean and your customers safe and happy.

Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips

Keeping your portable toilets clean and smelling fresh is the best way to keep your customers returning to your service. Here are six portable toilet maintenance tips to help your business thrive:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of portable toilets for the demand. When you drop off two bathrooms to be used by hundreds of people in a short time, keeping them clean and fresh will be impossible. Always know the projected use of your toilets and meet the demand.
  2. Do everything you can to keep your facilities smelling fresh. You can use air fresheners or cleaning tablets in the toilet bowl. 
  3. All bathrooms can use a good airing out, but especially toilets that have experienced a lot of activity. This is good advice to give anyone using your portable toilets. A good airing out for at least thirty minutes at the end of the day can help the unit smell fresher, longer.
  4. Disinfect every surface inside your portable toilet. This can include using chemicals to speed up the decomposition of waste in the tank. You can also use an antimicrobial fog to saturate the inside of your unit for complete disinfecting.
  5. Make sure you pay extra attention to the surfaces in your portable toilet that will be touched repeatedly throughout the day. Disinfecting areas like door handles, toilet paper holders, hand sanitizer pumps, and more are essential to keep the unit clean and safe. Use the strongest disinfecting cleaner you can find for these areas.
  6. Keep the outside of your portable toilet clean. From mud to graffiti, it can make the bathrooms look dirty and unclean. Use a graffiti-preventing cleaner with a strong scrubbing sponge to remove unwanted bits from your unit. 

People want fresh-smelling, clean portable toilets. Therefore, any service that keeps their units clean, disinfected, and fully stocked will become the preferred business for portable toilets.

Bonus Portable Toilet Maintenance Tips

When people have a negative portable toilet experience, it stays with them long after they’ve left the area. So here are some extra tips that can help you avoid any negative responses: 

  • Heat: If someone is holding an event outside, it’s likely to be during warm weather. Any heat can cause bacteria growth to speed up in a portable toilet unit. Pros who know this will adjust their cleaning-to-water ratio to keep the unit as cool as possible.
  • Cold: Portable toilets are used year-round, and many times they’re in freezing situations. Cold temperatures can cause the tank to freeze, leaving the unit with a hunk of smelly ice. Pros will use a salty brine in the tank to prevent it from freezing.
  • Maintenance: Don’t skip essential maintenance. If your units will be in a single location long-term, schedule regular visits to check on the unit, make repairs and restock them. 
  • Empty Waste: You’ve got to get rid of waste regularly. The more activity a portable toilet sees, the more frequently it should be emptied. If you wait too long to empty it, cleaning it up and getting it back in good shape will take much longer than it should.

Portable Toilet Services

Sharps Sanitation in El Centro, CA, knows portable toilets and what they need to be clean and pleasant to use. If you need more information, feel free to give them a call at (760) 352-3067 or use their online form to get in touch today!


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